Thank you for considering treatment services with Step by Step Supportive Services. We offer customized supports to help each individual further their independence and recovery. ​

Client Profile

We specialize in working with adults 21 and older who have a primary psychiatric diagnosis. We have found that individuals who thrive within our program demonstrate the below characteristics:

  • Willing and motivated to engage in treatment and develop independent living skills. We are a voluntary treatment program. If someone is not motivated and willing to engage in treatment, we may not be the best fit.
  • Has first received more specialized care to treat a specific mental health diagnosis, such as substance use, OCD or eating disorders.
  • Has demonstrated acute symptom stabilization by use of consistent clinical supports, including medication management and compliance and weekly outpatient therapy.
  • Can safely live independently and does not require overnight support.
  • Is able to attend and uphold all programming requirements.

We are not able to accept individuals into the SxS program with:

  • Active disordered substance use issues
  • Individuals with a diagnosed substance use disorder must have at least 3 months sobriety
  • Active suicidality
  • Difficulty performing activities of daily living consistently
  • A recent history of violent behavior


To make a referral to SxS, please contact our Clinical Admissions Director to learn more about our current openings, groups offerings, and pricing information. You can contact our main office by telephone at 617-277-6140 or by email at referralinfo@stepbystepss.org.

For those interested in pursuing admission, a visit to our program can be arranged. We prefer that application materials be completed prior to scheduling a visit. If you would like to fill out application materials, please inquire about our admissions process and we can provide access to our application site and materials. After a visit, if there is continued interest in pursuing admission with SxS, our admissions checklist must be completed, which includes completing all individual, family and clinician applications; receiving all pertinent medical records; completing a clinical interview; and participating in an SXS peer hosted dinner and/or a therapeutic group session.


Residential Fees vary based on accommodations. Community Based Service Fees are based on services selected. Please email us or call our offices to inquire about our latest fee schedules.

Fees are generally paid by a combination of resident and family resources. Our experience has been that insurance coverage for our programs is uncommon. A Service Agreement signed by a person responsible for payment is required prior to admission.


How long has SxS been around?

SxS was incorporated as a not-for-profit agency in 2013.

What is the usual length of stay in your residential program?

Our general length of stay varies based on an individual’s level of need. Over the years, we have found that most individuals stay within our residential program between 6 months and 2 years. Many alumni of our Residential Program step down to our Community-Based Program to gradually transition out of our care.

How is SxS different from other residential programs or group homes?

We offer a unique alternative to the typical group home or residential treatment model, providing individuals the opportunity to live in their own studio or one-bedroom apartment. Our offices are unadorned by the Step by Step name and logo, with apartments and SxS offices scattered throughout an independent apartment building to provide our residents with anonymity during their stay with us. We typically offer our programming during the afternoon and evening hours, encouraging individuals to be involved in and engaged with the community, including employment, volunteering, classes or social groups. We place a high emphasis on helping individuals to build meaningful and enriching lives outside of treatment.

What are the primary differences between Residential and Community-Based Services?

Individuals residing in our Residential Program live on-site at our Beacon Street location in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, while individuals participating in Community-Based Services reside in their own home or apartment. All SxS services  are included in our Residential Program, while individuals participating in Community-Based Services can choose from our services and program offerings a la carte. Often, individuals join our Residential Program when needing a higher level of care and may wish to step down to our Community-Based Program after making progress on their goals and feeling more confident with independent living.

Does an SxS resident have to attend all of your programming while residing in your Residential Program?

When a new individual starts at SxS, our clinical team works closely with them, their family and any outside providers to outline a schedule with SxS that best meets the individual’s clinical needs and life goals. Some individuals may attend all of our programming due to having limited community structure and others may attend just a few components of our program each week but will have priority access to additional programming opportunities and support if needed in a given moment. Our goal is to get individuals involved in the broader community and encourage outside structure to supplement or eventually replace SxS programming.

Can I have a car while residing in your Residential Program?

Yes! Many individuals have had cars while in our Residential Program; however, there is not always guaranteed rentable parking space at the apartment building. We can work with you to find a private rentable parking space nearby. Many individuals have found that they do not need a car while residing in our Residential Program due to our proximity to public transportation and essential businesses. There is an MBTA above-ground trolley/subway stop a 3-minute walk from our front door which connects you to the entire Metro Boston area and beyond. In addition, the iconic Coolidge Corner shopping, restaurants and entertainment area is just 4 blocks away.

Is SxS a sober living facility?

SxS is not a sober living facility; however, to be considered for admission into our program if you have a diagnosed substance use disorder, we typically require 90 days sobriety . In order to set you up for success while working with us, we may also ask that you work with your team to receive substance use support, weekly tox screens and any additional supports to help with managing your care.

Can an individual still work with their existing therapist, psychiatrist and other team members while working with SxS?

Yes, in fact, we encourage this! Step by Step does not have in-house psychiatrists, nor do we provide individual therapy. We require each individual to have outpatient providers and engage in at least biweekly therapy and monthly psychiatry. The reason for this is simple: we want every individual to be successful and recognize the value of consistent therapy and psychiatry while working on life skills goals. We also believe each individual should be able to find and maintain therapists and psychiatrists of their choosing and not have to change simply because they join the SxS program.

Do you provide assistance with medication management?

SxS is not a MAP-certified program and as a result, we cannot help individuals directly manage their medications. We require that every individual be independent in managing, packing, and taking their medications as prescribed. When clinically indicated, we help individuals to partner with local visiting nursing agencies to support with medication management and adherence.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance for our services. Upon request, we do provide documentation for individuals and families that wish to submit on their own for insurance reimbursement. At this time, we can only provide documentation for our clinical case management services. We ask that individuals inquire if their insurance companies reimburse for out-of-network case management supports, in advance of requesting itemized documentation.

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