Dinner & a Movie: High Score, Part 2

Sign up by 3/2 Finishing up and continuing our knowledge on video game classics, join us as we finish this docuseries that traces back the history of some of our favorite video games. In this we will also get the insights from the innovators who brought these worlds and characters to life. We will be […]

MassArt Art Museum

$35| Sign up by 3/2 The MassArt Art Museum(MAAM) is filled with art that is constantly changing throughout the year. Filled with what they describe as a space for making art, taking risks, for allowing different communities to gather and grow, and for intellectual learning. Join us as we embrace the art that is constantly […]

Dinner & a Movie: The Big Year

Sign up by 3/9 Join us as we watch this comedy that follows 3 bird lovers, played by Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin, in their quest to kick-start their stagnant lives around by crisscrossing across North America to break the record of counting the most species of birds. We will be ordering from […]

Level 99

$70 | Sign up by 3/9 With over 50 rooms and games from physical to mind games, Level 99 is a first of its kind social gaming playground for everyone! Join us as we come together and put everything, we‘ve got to the test! We will meet at 11:30AM in C at 1470. You can […]

Dinner & a Movie: The Greatest Night in Pop

Sign up by 3/16 In January of 1985, music biggest popstars gathered together to create one of the biggest hits for a great cause and leave an important message. That night the song ‘We Are The World’ was created. Join us as we watch this documentary that goes behind the scenes of that historic event. […]

Craft Zone

$65-75 | Sign up by 3/16 Located right nearby, Craft Zone is a studio that provides a variety of different hands on activities for everyone to partake in. From DIY bags and clothes to DIY Candles. This is an experience that is catered to your art side. We will meet at 11:30AM in C at […]

Dinner & a Movie: Masterminds

Sign up by 3/23 Based on the October 1997 Loomis Fargo Robbery, We follow an armored-car driver who helps a flirty co-worker and her friends pull off a heist, where he then finds himself holding the bag after they double-cross him. We will be ordering from Paris Creperie please include your food order and please […]

Archery Games Boston

$70| Sign up by 3/23 With a twist on the game of dodgeball, Archery games Boston has swapped out the balls for foam tipped arrows and bows. Join us as we have fun learning how to shoot bows and arrows and use our abilities from the classic game in a new way. We will meet […]