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"When my son was still living at home and had difficulty simply getting out of bed or getting to appointments, his SBS counselors gladly offerred to come to our house to help him with these basic functional tasks. We have never come across  such flexible, caring, and understanding counselors."
- Parent of a Client

"With SBS, we for the first time had the confidence and serenity to let go, draw back, and allow our son to wrestle with issues of independence and external controls, with supervision not by us, and also to allow him to experience the natural consequences of the world from which we had sheltered him."
- Parents of a Client

There was a point where our son was well enough to be reintegrated into the community but, as parents, we didn’t know how to approach reintegration.  Step by Step really relieved us of that responsibility so that we could just be loving parents! They took ownership of our son’s wellbeing. Initially, he lived in a beautiful apartment in the Step by Step building and was under the watchful eye and experienced care of the staff.  They met with him daily, organizing a schedule that he could handle, and reintroducing him into the community.  They arranged several volunteer jobs and continuing education classes (we certainly didn’t have the connections to make that happen!), helped him learn how to cook and manage his money, helped him navigate medical appointments and prescriptions, and made sure he was getting the correct food and exercise. Particularly striking was the professionalism and respect the staff showed our son.  They could see past the illness to the beautiful young man we knew. Our son progressed to the point where he was able to live on his own in an apartment nearby, still meeting with Step by Step bi-weekly, hosting dinner parties with the help of staff, volunteering, and getting a part time job. This program is absolutely fantastic! The staff’s ability to develop appropriate goals then make sure they are met has been so helpful in rebuilding our son’s self-esteem. We could not be happier with Step by Step. We owe them a huge “thank you”!
- From the parents of a client

Step By Step Supportive Services, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization relying on client fees and tax-deductible contributions.