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About Us

Our Mission:

To help adults with psychiatric, cognitive and social disabilities to lead

meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Our Values:

  • Every individual with disabilities should have a voice in creating their home environment, work life, and educational/therapeutic program.
  • Consistency in treatment, daily routines and staff relationships provide a sense of security, allowing for growth and change.
  • All individuals have the right to be considered not as “disabled” but rather as having “different abilities”.
  • Healthy eating and exercise are key components of wellness.
  • Families are critical components of any successful support program

​​Our Staff:

Our care givers are selected based upon education, level and type of experience, and most importantly, having demonstrated the ability to form therapeutic relationships with individuals with disabilities.


"When my son was still living at home and had difficulty simply getting out

of bed or getting to appointments, his SBS counselors gladly offerred to come to our house to help him with these basic functional tasks. We have never come across  such flexible, caring, and understanding counselors."

- Parent of a Client

"With SBS, we for the first time had the confidence and serenity to let go,

draw back, and allow our son to wrestle with issues of independence and external controls, with supervision not by us, and also to allow him to experience the natural consequences of the world from which we had sheltered him."

-Parents of a Client

Step By Step Supportive Services, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization relying on client fees and tax-deductible contributions.