​Our Values:

  • Choice - Every individual should have a voice in creating their home environment, work life, and educational/therapeutic program
  • Rights - All individuals should be provided the opportunity to live with the rights, dignity, and responsibilities afforded to all citizens regardless of differences
  • Consistency - Consistency in treatment, daily routines and staff relationships provide a sense of security, allowing for growth and change
  • Wellness - Healthy eating and exercise are key components of wellness
  • Family - Families are critical components of any successful support program

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About Us

Our Mission:

To help adults with psychiatric, cognitive and social disabilities lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.
​We understand the challenges that arise when life becomes complicated by a behavioral health issue or other life stressors. We strive to empower our clients to tap into their unique strengths while simultaneously building upon their needs as they work towards creating fulfilling, independent lives. 

What Sets Us Apart?

  • An Alternative Model for Residential Care
    The SBS residential program represents an alternative therapeutic setting. Our model is not that of a typical residential-based treatment program in which clients live in group or shared residences and participate in day treatment programming, nor is it a group home. Clients instead live independently in their own studio or one-bedroom apartment, participating in the level of support that meets their specific needs. Clients utilize staff support at the frequency and intensity necessary to support safe, autonomous living.  Residential living consists of case management, vocational support, group and educational programming. Our buildings and offices are unadorned by the Step by Step name and logo with apartments scattered throughout each location to allow our clients the privacy and choice to identify their association with our program as they choose. We have found this decreases a client’s feelings of stigma around his/her mental health needs.

  • Peer Support and Connection
    Our clients tell us that the nurturing relationships developed with their peers have the greatest overall impact on improving their quality of life. SBS offers numerous opportunities for clients to connect with one another while working towards their goals. Throughout our programming, clients support one another, often offering support or words of encouragement, or sharing their own experiences throughout their recovery. Unique offerings include our dinner program, therapeutic groups, wellness programming, and social activities on the weekends. 

  • Client-Centered 
    We individualize our services to cater to each of our client’s preferences, goals, and needs, including the frequency and intensity of meetings as well as their location. We view our clients as partners in the treatment process, working alongside their case manager to incrementally work towards healing and change. We incorporate a high level of family involvement to help in understanding our client’s aspirations, needs, and abilities. With consent from our clients, we meet with and provide updates to family members throughout the treatment process.

  • Community Integration
    We recognize that building competencies cannot solely take place behind office walls.  We work with our clients where they need us most—in their apartments, on public transportation, at the grocery store, at the gym, at medical appointments, and at other public settings or during community events. In these settings, we provide real-time interventions and support as our clients learn to navigate through unfamiliar situations and effectively communicate their needs. We believe this level of community involvement affords our clients the greatest level of autonomy.  

  • Our Clinical Team
    The SBS clinical team is comprised of master’s level clinicians with diverse and comprehensive knowledge of behavioral health issues. We choose our staff based on experience, expertise, and personality, selecting only those individuals who share our values and vision of mental health and recovery. Our team members are skilled in various treatment modalities and techniques and adapt their approach to each client accordingly. All clinical staff are trained in CBT but utilize eclectic approaches throughout their work at SBS which may include art therapy and vocational support.